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Grenada house rentals are found along the three islands that comprise the country of Grenada, located in the Eastern Caribbean at the southern tip of the Windward Islands. The islands lie only 100 miles North of Venezuela's coast, with St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the North and Trinidad and Tobago to the South.

Guests planning a visit to Grenada will enjoy one of the most incredible natural wonders in the Western Hemisphere. Grenada is truly a beautiful island, featuring more than 45 beaches with countless opportunities for adventure or relaxation. All beaches on the island of Grenada are public, and many are located very nearby our collection of Grenada villa rentals.

Grenada generally refers to the one big island (there are two smaller ones that are undiscovered and rarely visited). This is actually the smallest independent country in the western hemisphere and the island is proud of what it has to offer.

Grenada Island, though small, maintains a fully active rainforested interior. Beautiful, sandy beaches line the coast and outstanding scuba diving is available from most Grenada villa rentals. The island's largest town, St George’s, has a storybook picturesque waterfront, with stone buildings, forts and houses of all colors creating a uniquely colorful backdrop to this paradisical destination. And our Grenada home rentals are no exception.

Grenada is truly a step back in time. Come enjoy your next vacation in the peace, quiet and splendor of a Grenada house rental!

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